Secret Society

Secret Society


“Secret Society” /19×24 inches mixed media on paper / 2018



This college drawing is a work from Smith’s solo exhibition for 2014 In Seattle at Frederick Holmes Gallery. The exhibition’s images were built around the context of secret societies and a precursor to the rampant misinformation that feeds society’s desire to assign blame to an invisible cabal. Yet at the same time recognizes that there are powerful forces at work in governments. non-profits and propelling world events. This piece is a smash-up of several known secret societies’ symbols and numerologies. This layered work is two drawings overlaid, the top piece on translucent vellum and the piece below on archival bristol. It has the feel of impermanence and a temporal soul to it. IT favors process over product and captures the chaos and the victory of the moment in the studio.

The anointed ones, the private clubs, the private bankers, private opportunities, insider trades, the kings, and the king markers. All cut from the same cloth, all educated in the same manner, all interlocked in business and marriage, slicing the pie into smaller and smaller pieces.

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