SF Gate – The Taco Bell heists 2024

This is an article about the ongoing heists of Taco Bell in-store decor and the black market of collectors trading in these pieces. Although the Taco Bell commission was completed in 2003, interest for the …

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NBC News / Hallie Jackson Now / Taco Bell Heists! 2024

A Press piece on the ongoing theft and black market sales of the artwork that Mark T Smith created for Taco Bell in 2003. This NBC piece follows up on a piece in the SF …

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Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 8.28.20 AM

Mark T Smith: City Canvas to Global Stage AATONAU! 2024

Mark T Smith: City Canvas to Global Stage by Bianca Khan in AATONAU! 2024


The artistic journey of Mark T Smith is a rich tapestry woven from diverse influences and an open-minded approach to …

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Meet Mark T Smith Voyage Magazine 2023

This is an online magazine out of Miami. I kept my studio in Miami from 2003-2017 and I still maintain strong ties to the city. This is an introduction to my artwork and biography and …

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Valley Bank Mural – Harmony of Progress 2023

This artwork was commissioned in 2023. The original painting is 70×33 inches on stretched canvas. The digital display in the lobby is 177 inches across. The original work is on view in the C Suite …

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