Mark T Smith

2016 The Playing Card Candidate


The tech-driven revolution is spreading more and more into Americans’ daily lives. This disruption is awakening citizens and unfreezing long-held political and social assumptions. This year the disruption has finally reached the insulated ruling class, and will be the tide that washes this pre-digital generation off of the levers of power, one way or another. 

This revolution has impacted the average worker, the production of energy, manufacturing, supply chains, warfare, medicine, ethics, education — everyone. Every citizen has felt the pressure to adapt, evolve and remain relevant – with the exceptions of the ruling class and their wealthy patrons.

Innovation, Creativity, Design Thinking and Agile Methodology are driving the creation of the new business and social eco-systems that will power the 21st century. But the American government remains distracted by 20th Century conflicts and mindsets, like building aircraft carriers and fighter jets in a time of cyber war and drone strikes.


Above: “The Playing Card Candidate”, 2016, Mixed Media on canvas is 36inches wide x 48inches high.

The old system is no longer working. The tumultuous politics of this year show what the ruling class doesn’t want to admit: their patchwork of broken promises and semi-functional infrastructure is dying, and dying increasingly quickly. 

The future — our future — is one of collaboration, shared goals, tolerance, and the firm belief in the transformative power of the people, rather than of a country’s elected leaders. It is the only way out short of collapse, but either way a new order is imminent.


About Mark T. Smith

Mark T. Smith is a celebrated American painter. He is best known for his colorful, complex paintings and his passion for the application of art into the fabric of everyday life.