Charlatan Map

Charlatan Map


Mixed Media 40×50 inches on paper 2010



This large format drawing on paper inspired by “The Charlatan” 1942 by José Chávez Morado, Mexican, 1909 – 2002. This piece is located in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Part of my process is to work from existing masterworks. I spend a significant amount of time drawing from life in Museums when I travel. Over the years, I have found that the simple act of drawing an existing work can unlock all kinds of insights about how the artist composes and creates their work.

The original piece was about a snake oil salesman plying his wares – my work starts there but considers that the marketing place for medicines has grown and matured into a much more complex system without really changing fundamentally – still a system with big promises and filled with snake oil of all different stripes.

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