Saint Accursius

Saint Accursius


Sketchbook Double Page “Saint Accursius” / 11×16 inches on paper / Mixed Media / 2009 Drawing in the Philadelphia Museum of Art



Working in a sketchbook is fundamental to my studio practice as an artist. This is where all ideas start and are captured for refinement. Filled with notes, sketches, reportage drawings / observational drawings, these books are living documentation of my journey artistically. Below are selected the images from several of my sketchbooks. In any given year, I normally produce 2-3 sketchbooks. They are a source of inspiration for me and the best way to keep my daily practice as an artist healthy and strong. I decided to release these to the general public for the first time at this 2022-23 exhibition in Mexico.

These are excerpts from sketchbooks created between 2009 and 2012. The complete sketchbook is a historical narrative, a diary, a time capsule, the record, and the slow movement of news. Call it what you will, it is continuity in the human experience, from the earliest cave paintings, through the 15th-century explosion in comprehension of the natural world, all the way to the algorithms that take us to outer space and into an AI world. Beauty and its shadow, the 1st person perspective of life. One drawing at a time.

These are always the place where I learn and relearn my craft and my favorite pieces always come from this process.

In this case, the process is the piece.

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