Heart Break and Skull

Heart Break and Skull


Mixed Media 12×18 inches on paper 2020



This piece is a work on paper created in the studio from a series of figure and observational drawings. As part of my process, I work often from life. I feel strongly that starting from observational drawing is one of the best ways to develop content for more involved works. The human figure is one of the most challenging forms to master. Because of the complexity of the human body, it makes the perfect subject to test, hone and renew one’s mastery of drawing. Over the years, returning to the same subject matter is a clear way for an artist to gauge his/her skills and benchmark their growth.

This particular piece is a short musing on loss and how loss is part of what drives the human condition, shapes our point of view and carries with us years after the event. Like a sad song, this piece is designed as a quick reminder of things past and lessons learned.

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