Mark T Smith

Surreal Madonna with Rabbit 2

“Surreal Madonna with Rabbit, Part 2”

36×60 inches on canvas / acrylic paint, oil bar, color pencil, graphite, charcoal, spray paint / 2010 / Miami studio.

The combination of religious icon – a resplendent Madonna and a simple symbol of fertility, the rabbit. This elaborately designed piece never stops moving, the eye has almost no place to rest from the patterns, lines, symbols and densely packed palette. This piece typifies the artist completely unchecked – filling the page until there is room for not another mark. This artist unchecked pursues a path that can only be likened to a visual interpretation of the chaos theory. In addition, the artist has a large collection of Madonna’s from many different cultures in his personal collection These images inspire the basic content of the painting, which then yields an artwork that dances like a piece of stained glass, but with a slight nod to surrealism. These types of images the artists creates, tend to reveal their true treasures only after many viewings.

About Mark T. Smith

Mark T. Smith is a celebrated American painter. He is best known for his colorful, complex paintings and his passion for the application of art into the fabric of everyday life.

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