Mark T Smith

ONLY EVERYTHING: A Novel (all about you)

My brother, Keith Martin Smith is creating a new novel about the Gen X and the Millennials chasing their dreams entitled “ONLY EVERYTHING: A Novel (all about you)”. In preparation for this book, my brother did 20-minute interviews with 12 thought-leaders, teachers, and creators on the idea behind “Only Everything”. You can watch the interviews and share your voice on Only Everything.They include Ken Wilber (“The Integral Vision”), Zen Master Jun Po Kelly Roshi,Tripp Lanier (the New Man), Alexis Neely (“Wear Clean Underwear”), Sara Avant Stover (“The Way of the Happy Woman”), Shawn Phillips (“Strength for LIfe”), and me!

Here is the link to the video:



Here is a link to the kickstarter page:

About Mark T. Smith

Mark T. Smith is a celebrated American painter. He is best known for his colorful, complex paintings and his passion for the application of art into the fabric of everyday life.
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