Mark T Smith

PNW / 2019-2020

I relocated my studio to Seattle, Washington in 2018. I have been fortunate to have lived/worked in a few cities over my career. I have found that the PNW is a great fit for the type of life I wish to lead at this time.

This painting on canvas was inspired by my recent move to the Pacific Northwest. The painting features a alien spacecraft that has appeared in the night sky. The spaceship has fired a beam to the Earth, catching the unofficial mascot of the Pacific NorthWest – Sasquatch. The composition is filled with tall evergreens in their natural abundance. Sasquatch is in the process of observing / planting a new tree in the foreground while a drone keeps a remote eye on the situation from the top left corner of the composition. The canvas work is 24×30 inches, created in mixed media.

“PNW Alien” Mixed media on Canvas 24×36 inches 2020.

Below are a selection of works created in my new studio. Most of the works are mixed media on canvas or paper.

“Gurl Moto Power” Mixed media on Canvas 36×48 inches 2020.
“Boombox Pyramid” Ink on Paper 12×16 inches 2020.
“Corona 2020” Mixed media on Canvas 36×48 inches 2020.
“Corona Skull” 18×24 Mixed Media on Canvas 2020
“Van life” Mixed Media on 18×24 inches paper 2020
“Steaks” 20×30 inches Mixed Media on canvas 2019
“Half Life” 48×60 inches Mixed Media on canvas 2019
“Spirit Animal” 36×48 Mixed Media on Canvas, 2020
“Suspense Act 1” 22×30 inches, Mixed media on paper, 2020
“Suspense Act 2” 23×24 inches, Mixed media on wood, 2020

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About Mark T. Smith

Mark T. Smith is a celebrated American painter. He is best known for his colorful, complex paintings and his passion for the application of art into the fabric of everyday life.

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