Mark T Smith

Sketch for Plan B

“Sketch for Plan B”

22×30 inches on paper / watercolor, graphite, ink, color pencil, paint pen / created in 2010 / Miami studio.

This work on paper is a large format drawing. In this composition …

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Sculpture / “Magnetic”


2009, cast Parian, 37”h 29”w 1.5”d, Edition of: 26 Sculptures (A-Z), 5 Artist Proofs and 4 collaborator’s Proofs.

This sculpture is the very first editioned piece created by Mark T Smith and his first …

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Surreal Madonna with Rabbit 2

“Surreal Madonna with Rabbit, Part 2”

36×60 inches on canvas / acrylic paint, oil bar, color pencil, graphite, charcoal, spray paint / 2010 / Miami studio.

The combination of religious icon – a resplendent Madonna …

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Flesh and Blood Builds an Empire

“Flesh and Blood Builds an Empire”

36×48 inches on canvas / acrylic, charcoal, graphite, ink, color pencil, paint pen / 2010 / Miami studio.

This piece is a diagram of all the elements used in …

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Drawing. This is where every idea, project, thought, or expression starts for me. Drawing is the most direct, raw manner to present an idea. It can contain the simplest or most complex ideas. …

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